Outcome 1: Activities related to Project Outcome "Formed general conception of MULTICEP complex"

In the beginning of the project working group of the Coordinator carried out SWOT-analyze on improvement of the course “Engineering Pedagogic” on the base of questioning of project partners and participants of previous Tempus-projects. In January 2005 during the meeting in Klagenfurt (A1) the basic directions on the development of MULTICEP-complex were determined by responsible persons of the Grantholder and the Coordinator. The results of  this analyze were formulated as the suggestions for the Group of Designers.

For the development of MULTICEP complex conception the Group of Designers was formed from staff members of partner Universities. In March 2005 in Moscow (RF2) the Seminar of designers was carried out on forming of structure, modules contents and software for MULTICEP course. As the basic materials for MULTICEP course structure the modules of the program “Engineering Pedagogic” worked out during DIERUU project were used.

The leaders and responsible persons ob the Universities – Consortium members discussed and approved the conception and the suggestions of the designers on creation of MULTICEP complex in the framework of Validation Conference carried out in Moscow (RF2) in April 2005.

The Group of Designers have studied an experience of Western partners concerning methods of teaching with usage of multimedia tools during 1-week Seminar with European experts in Bauhaus University, Weimar (D3) in June 2005. As a result models, equipment parameters and multimedia elements for equipping of learning rooms in each University were selected. 

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