Outcome 2: Activities related to Project Outcome "Developed extra modules for MULTICEP - course"

Experts of the Coordinator carried out SWOT-analyses for technical Universities on their requirements in professional skills improvement of technical teachers for definition of structure of extra modules for the basic course “Engineering Pedagogic”. The results of this analyze were discussed on Russian Seminar on Innovations in Engineering Education that took place in Moscow (RF2) in February 2005. On base of this analyze the suggestions for the Group of Developers were made on forming of extra modules contents.

Group of Modules Developers formed by the Coordinator from representatives of the partner Universities has studied an experience of European partners in modular courses development. In the University of Klagenfurt (A1) in September-October 2006 the workshop of the developers with participation of Western experts  was carried out for discussion of structure and contents of extra modules. In the framework of this workshop short training course on modular courses development was organized, at the same time members of the Group of Developers participated in the Conference on usage of multimedia tools in teaching process in Villach (Austria). As a result the list and the structure of modules for perfected course “Engineering Pedagogic” were developed.

Members of the Group of Developers during long period selected and formed methodic and teaching materials for engineering-pedagogic modules. The developers had the additional opportunity to study modern engineering-pedagogical methods and trends by participation in 34-th International IGIP Symposium in Istanbul in September 2005. In October 2005 in Kharkov (UKR4) the Seminar of Developers was carried out on the development of pilot version of modular course.

The contents of modules were adapted to the specifics of Russian and Ukrainian higher technical education by editorial board of experts from partner Universities with large experience in engineering pedagogic.

To the end of the project the text version of MULTICEP course was developed and published. It represents  the updated textbook on engineering pedagogic for usage in technical teachers training and dissemination in interested Universities.

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