Outcome 3. Activities related to Project Outcome "Multimedia version of engineering pedagogic course"

The group of Multimedia Developers was formed from representatives of partner Universities. The group over a long period of time performs activities on selection and perfection of materials and software for multimedia version of a course “Engineering Pedagogic”.

In June 2005 in Bauhaus University of Weimar (D3) 1-week training took place for improvement of skills of this group members on development of multimedia teaching products and software. The main purpose of this activity was to gain the best European experience by specialists from partner Universities. As such experience is also useful for developers of MULTICEP conception this training was combined with the seminar of designers. As the result the structure of pilot version of  multimedia MULTICEP course was defined, the list of necessary methodic materials and acceptable software components for teaching are determined.

In December 2005 in Tambov (RF5) members of the group of Multimedia Developers together with technical teacher carried out the Methodological Conference. Suggestions on usage and adaptation of methodic materials for multimedia course were worked out taking into account specifics of Russian and Ukrainian education. Beside the list of equipment units was formed for equipping of multimedia learning rooms in partner Universities.

Members of the group of Multimedia Developers participated in the Seminar on modern multimedia teaching tools in Bauhaus University of Weimar (D3) in August 2006. As the result acceptable software components for MULTICEP course were selected: the structure of software, audio, video-elements, animation, etń.

The group of Multimedia Developers transferred modular course “Engineering Pedagogic”, worked out by the developers of modules on the 2-nd stage of the project, into electronic format. As the result multimedia manual “Engineering Pedagogic” on DVD was published together with the textbook.


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