Outcome 5. Activities related to Project Outcome "Working office for academic mobility management"

In the University of the Coordinator administrative group of academic mobility office (3 persons)  is formed. In January 2006 the Center of Academic Mobility received the official status by the decision of Scientific Council of MADI(STU). Center of Academic Mobility realizes management of training of technical teachers, post-graduators and students in Western Universities. Academic mobility group members formulate selection criteria for participants of these interchanges and form databases of mobility process.

In February 2006 in the University of Klagenfurt (A1) intensive training for academic mobility staff members was carried out for mastering of European experience on management of international and regional interchanges of students and teachers.

In September-October 2006 experimental interchange of engineering-pedagogical experience was organized for the group of  Russian and Ukrainian technical teachers. Selected teachers (6 person) from partner Universities passed 1-week training course in the University of Klagenfurt on basic modular course “Engineering Pedagogic”. At the same time teaches improved their qualification on usage of multimedia tiils in teaching process by participation in the annual Conference in Villach (Austria).

For the support of sustainability of MULTICEP-course the group of post-graduate students (7 persons) who plan to work as technical teachers was formed by academic mobility managers. For this group in March 2007 2-week training on MULTICEP course with elements of TREM course on electronic manuals development was organized and carried out in Bauhaus University of Weimar.

In September-November 2007 academic mobility managers organized pilot training sessions of students on selected technical disciplines in multimedia training rooms of each partner University. In October 2007 in Tambov (RF5) demonstrative lectures were carried out for representatives of the Grantholder and the Coordinator. These session were conducted by teachers and post-graduators trained on MULTICEP course. Totally in training sessions 15 teachers (5UKR+5RF5+5RF2) and 44 students including master students took part. During these activities teachers and post-graduators perfected their engineering-pedagogical skills in real teaching process. 

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