Outcome 6. Activities related to Project Outcome "Trained teachers on usage the MULTICEP complex"

Group of Designers, Group of Developers and Group of Multimedia Developers developed together methodical materials for teachers training on MULTICEP course. In Bauhaus University of  Weimar (D3) 4-days workshop of experts of engineering pedagogic of Eastern Universities and Western specialists on methodic of MULTICEP course teaching  was carried out at the same time with the Seminar on multimedia tools development in August 2006.

During the project period in partner Universities working groups conducted large work on translation, adaptation and editing of developed materials on MULTICEP course according to the specifics of Russian and Ukrainian technical Universities.

In August 2007 in Kharkov (UKR4) in special multimedia training room experimental MULTICEP-training of pilot group of Russian and Ukrainian technical teachers with basic engineering-pedagogical skills and knowledge in multimedia teaching tools usage  was carried out. Trained teachers received necessary qualification for dissemination of this course in their Universities.

On the base of the feedback with trained teachers final version of MULTICEP materials was published in December 2007. These materials are united to the teaching complex, consisting of advanced textbook “Engineering Pedagogic”, multimedia version of MULTICEP course on DVD and methodical recommendations on the development and usage of multimedia teaching materials.

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