Outcome 7. Activities related to Project Outcome "Application of MULTICEP complex in Russian and Ukrainian Technical Universities"

Application of MULTICEP course in partner Universities was realized in 2 stages at the final phase of the project. On the first stage in each University advanced groups were formed consisting of teaches and post-graduate students trained on MULTICEP course. Members of these groups developed teaching programs on selected modules of MULTICEP course, approved in the Center of Academic Mobility, and carried out series of short intensive trainings for groups technical teachers of their Universities. During such training sessions 34 teaches become acquainted with MULTICEP course.

On the second stage 12 trained teachers carried out the experimental teaching of students on their profile technical disciplines as a kind of demonstrative lectures with usage of skills obtained  form MULTICEP course. The quality of these lectures was evaluated by both teachers and experts of MULTICEP course. Information about MULTICEP as a feedback with trained teachers is accumulated in the Center of Academic Mobility forming databases of of teachers with different levels of mastering modern technologies of teaching.

For discussion of pilot version of MULTICEP materials prepared for application Presentation Conference was carried out with participation of leaders of partner Universities. The Conference was combined with the annual IGIP-Symposium in Miskolc (Hungary) in July 2007. After the approval by the rectors and the Grantholder materials  of MULTICEP modular course were prepared for publishing as teaching complex, including advanced textbook “Engineering Pedagogic”, multimedia version of this course on DVD and methodical materials.

In December 2007 in Klagenfurt (A1) Final Conference took place on discussion of the results of MULTICEP course application. During the Conference presentation materials including video presentations on MULTICEP project were prepared for dissemination.

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