Outcome 8. Activities related to Dissemination and Sustainability

The dissemination of projectís results are available through informational environment, mass media, publications and reports made at conferences and seminars. Projects activities were widely covered in the local and regional press, ceremony of  multimedia training room opening was shown on Russian TV. Several reports concerning project implementation were made at the Annual IGIP Symposiums (in Istanbul, 2005, Tallin, 2006, Miskolc, 2007). Some aspects of the work on the multimedia textbook have been considered in the articles of the participants of the MULTICEP project in special issue of the journal "Engineering Pedagogic" published in MADI (STU).

Information about the project was presented at Scientific Counsels meetings of RF2, RF5 and UKR4 universities. The activities on the project were evaluated by Scientific Counsels members as efficient and useful for universities and higher  technical education as a whole.

The website of the project (http://mcep.madi.ru)is created for wide information on the project's activities and results and will be regularly updated. After the project this web-site will continue its work on information about activities on engineering pedagogic, experience interchanges and dissemination of MULTICEP course.

Special activities were implemented for the dissemination, in particularly, the distribution of MULTICEP materials to the Universities-participants of former Tempus projects (DIERUU and TREM) and to other Russian and Ukrainian interested Universities. 

For wider dissemination of MULTICEP course the Seminar was organized by the Center of academic mobility on approbation of multimedia course by technical teachers and its further introduction in their Universities. Teachers from several Russian Universities mastering basic course of engineering pedagogic in the framework of standard qualification improvement programs participated in this Seminar. Simultaneously possibilities of e-learning of  MULTICEP course were studied.

For providing of the sustainability of MULTICEP-complex functioning after the project training of technical specialists on operation with multimedia equipment was carried out in October 2007 in Tambov (RF5).  As the result in each partner University qualified technical team is formed on  service of multimedia training rooms.

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