Outcome 9. Activities related to Quality Control and Monitoring

The control of outcomes of the project relates to the main elements of MULTICEP complex. Monitoring of MULTICEP conception was realized by special commission form Western and Eastern partners. In September 2005 in Kharkov the rectors of RF and UKR Universities approved developed conception as corresponding with the main requirements of Russian and Ukrainian technical Universities. Control of engineer-pedagogical modules and their multimedia version by this commission has shown the correspondence of evaluated materials to the general concept of MULTICEP course. For external evaluation of MULTICEP course contents Inter-Tempus monitoring was organized: experts-participants of finished projects DIERUU and TREM from Russain, Ukrainian and German Universities gave their positive conclusions on developed materials. 

For monitoring of multimedia training rooms equipping inspection visits of the Grantholder and the Coordinator experts were realized to each partner University during August-October 2007.  For each multimedia room the experts signed  special certificate of their correspondence to the pre-arranged level of teaching process.

The special activity was carried out  for the control of implementation phase of MULTICEP course: control of quality  of training and experimental students teaching in partners Universities. Commission of the Coordinator made its evaluation of each training session on base of the reports from partner Universities, contained lists of participants and programs of trainings. This information is accumulated in databases of the Center of Academic Mobility.

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