Outcome 10. Activities related to Management of the Project

According to the contractual directives Grant applicant institution and the Coordinator share the responsibility for organizational activity on the project.   To guarantee successful development of this project the Project Management Board (PMB) was elected from responsible representatives of the Grantholder and the Coordinator. The Project Management Board made the solutions on all activities and programs.  PMB was given the following competences:

         decision making concerning  project activities;

         the warranty of output materials quality;

         qualitative informing of persons and universities on questions of the project;

         critical analysis of outcomes of activities of universities - participants of the project.

For running management of the project administrative group was formed consisting of members of Coordinator and Grant applicant institution. Administrative group prepared decisions on the contents of MULTICEP course, contents of modules, structure and quality of the multimedia facilities and attendant materials.  All project results and changes in activity plan were validated by PMB.

Grant applicant institution had extended contacts with the group of the Coordinator to ensure a high level of managerial unit at the Coordinators' office.  During the project regular workshops of administrative group and PMB-meetings were carried our for efficient coordination and management.

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