Project Description

    This three-years project has as its major objective perfection of pedagogical, methodological and methodical quality of engineering education at the Russian and Ukrainian technical universities, improvement of regional and international integration of Eastern and Western technical universities.


    The improvement of the training quality of the specialists (graduates of technical universities) occurs by more effective engineer-pedagogical training of the teachers of technical universities and engineering high schools of Russia and Ukraine:
- at a national levels this problem will be solved by creation of multimedia program of IGIP-course Engineering pedagogic, equipping of specialized multimedia learning classrooms, improving of base IGIP-course by additional modules, training of Russian and Ukrainian engineer-pedagogical teachers on using the multimedia complex;
- at a regional level the objectives will be realized by transfer the projects outcomes to other interested countries of CIS, mutual coordination of some modules of IGIP-course for its more effective usage in the interested countries;
- at an international level strengthening of integration process and more tight cooperation between the teachers and designers of the multimedia complex in Russian and European universities by more intensive academic mobility process will be achieved, the experience, accumulated in partner countries on creation multimedia educational courses and distance training will be available.

    As the result of this project the new curricula will be developed on teaching the Engineering pedagogical course with modern multimedia means application. The new MULTICEP course developed will consists of advanced modules based on IGIP course and multimedia version of this course with electronic manual “Engineering pedagogic” accompanied by text and electronic version of teaching materials. Total structure of this course will be 72 hours with lecture contents developed as separate modules and practical workshops for training. As the results of previous Tempus-project have shown for the most effective mastering of new methods practical work must be the large part of the course and the best form of practical work is presentation of technical discipline lecture by trained teacher with usage of new forms of teaching. So the high role will be featured for the careful development of methodical and didactic materials for trainings.
    The important role for project’s results progress will belong to creation of conditions for easy mobility process for trained teachers and post-graduators, because the quality of training will be higher if trained teachers have the opportunity of receiving knowledge in different Universities as in Europe and in their own country. Forming of special structure for academic mobility management is now one of the most significant tasks in providing the easiest travels of teaching staff and their interchanges. For continuity providing creation of databases for account of all trained teachers and their professional level.

    Project’s activities propose easy dissemination process as there are very good contacts of all Universities-participants and contacts with minimum 16 Universities of previous Tempus-project DIERUU NP 22265-2001. There are teachers in these Universities prepared during DIERUU project: 32 teachers of high level of base Engineering-pedagogical knowledge and minimum 160 teachers who was trained by these first level teachers. These young teachers with their great enthusiasm are the basis for good MULTICEP course dissemination.
    The indicated purposes will be realized by selection materials and generalizing of experience of EU- and CIS -countries in creation of multimedia complexes, formation of the general concept and structure of a complex, including training of the developers and staff on the basis of leading universities of Western and East Europe, definition of a composition of the equipment for multimedia learning classes, collecting of materials on additional modules of IGIP-course. These activities are planned for the first year of the Project. As the result of 1 project year the concept and composition of multimedia complex on engineering pedagogic MULTICEP will be validated and extra modules on MULTICEP course will be published as textbooks.
    During the second year of the project the equipping of 3 multimedia learning classes is provided on basis of IGIP-Centres of Partner universities, developing of a multimedia version of IGIP-course «Engineering pedagogic». At the same time the activity on forming office for academic mobility management will be carried out: staff members will be selected and trained for mobility management, office will be equipped and ready for active work. At the end of this year one pilot travel of Russian and Ukrainian teachers will be organized. It is foreseen that the program of this year will need the greatest costs for buying the equipment, its mounting and setting-up.
    During the third year of the project the final version of MULTICEP course will be ready for implementation at the partner universities and other interested Eastern Universities. Methodic materials and documentations on usage and teaching MULTICEP course will be accessible for sustained working of the program. With the help of academic mobility office training of groups of the teachers, post-graduators and students teaching are planned. Transfer of a demo-version of a multimedia IGIP-course to the interested universities is provided for development of the proposals for its further improving.

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