Project Outcomes and related Indicators of Progress

Project Outcomes:

1. Formed general concept of MULTICEP complex contents. (deadline 15 July 2005)

2. Developed extra modules for IGIP-course. (deadline 31 Dec. 2005)

3. Multimedia version of IGIP-course “Engineering pedagogic”. (deadline 15 Oct. 2006)

4. Three equipped educational multimedia classes for teaching MULTICEP course. (deadline 31 Dec. 2006)

5. Working office for academic mobility management. (deadline 30 Oct. 2006)

6. Trained teachers on usage the MULTICEP complex. (deadline 15 July 2007)

7. Application of MULTICEP complex in Russian and Ukrainian Technical Universities. (deadline 31 Dec. 2007)

Indicators of Progress:

1. Set of documents on MULTICEP concept. Correspondence of general MULTICEP concept to Engineering pedagogical problems of Eastern technical Universities.

2. New Engineering pedagogic textbooks in 200 copies, including extra modules, accessible for dissemination in interested Universities.

3. Electronic manual “Engineering pedagogic” on CD in 100 copies is accessible.

4. 3 completely equipped multimedia learning classes are ready for teaching process in 2 Russian and 1 Ukrainian Universities.

5. Equipped office and qualified administrative staff (3 persons) in University of Coordinator with necessary skills for managing academic mobility processes as guarantee for permanent and prolonged work of East-West (East-East) mobility channel.

6. 12 teachers of advanced level and 6 post-graduators in 2 Russian and 1 Ukrainian Universities have mastering skills in engineering pedagogic including multimedia and can disseminate their knowledge in their Universities.

7. Minimum 16 Russian and Ukrainian Universities have materials on MULTICEP course. Minimum 10 teachers in each of 3 partner Universities have intermediate level of Engineer pedagogical skills with possibility of their further improvement.

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